Flowers are the finishing and most pleasing touch to complete a beautiful wedding. They bring the energy and life to the party and add JOY. I personally am biased because of my profession but without beautiful blossoms or touches of greenery, the table is just not complete. If you can afford to hire a wedding planner, do it, because they’re incredibly talented and help with this whole process. This article applies to all brides and I would love to share three simple steps to help you with your wedding planning adventure.

Pick a theme…..You don’t have to be so specific and say that you want per say “Bridgerton” but select a vibe or color scheme with certain standards or guidelines that you have in mind. It does help to have a vision board that interests you and that let’s your florist and stylist begin to gather ideas and take it to the next level. I love textures with a variety of flowers but maybe you want something light and airy in soft romantic tones, all greenery with touches of white blooms, or to be bold and daring with jewel toned blossoms. Nothing is wrong so long as it’s beautifully “YOU!” Embrace you as a couple because it’s all the little things about you that makes your day extraordinary.

Choose the style of your table…….linens if you want them, your specific china or dinnerware (you can never go wrong with white plates in a cool shape then add a unique charger.) The setting could be enhanced with textured napkins in a fun knot, fold or napkin ring. The flatware could be in wood, gold and or silver. The goblets could be tinted or they could be classic stemware. Your table is almost complete…. Remember it usually is what speaks to you first and catches your eye. This is how I roll. My first instinct is always right and never fails as I plan a beautiful tablescape. Every specific element creates a masterpiece. If this is overwhelming then ask for help. I know that I love collaborating with other professionals because together we can create magic. (Breathe, I did that part fast because the next step is my favorite!)

I saved the best for last because I like to finish with beautiful flowers, which is my favorite element for a gorgeous table. Do you like classic, timeless, and elegant with beautiful whites garden roses, hydrangea, and ranunculus enhanced by greenery in a beautiful compote? Do you want it to be organic with a natural effect by using only greenery and candles? Smilax, Italian ruscus, seeded and dollar eucalyptus are always gorgeous and create depth and contrast against a beautiful linen. Is your style Boho minimalist with pampas grass, fan palms, protea and other dried textures? Maybe you want a “just picked look” with a flair of explosion grass, kangaroo paws, pincushions, anemones and poppy pods as a wild statement. I didn’t talk about them all because there’s so many styles to choose from. I know I prefer flowers designed with movement, texture and a whimsical feel. I want my tablecape and specifically the flowers to tell a story. Tell your story about you and your fiance with everything you choose because that’s the only way to do it. Have fun, don’t be shy but be bold and be you!

Here’s some beautiful ideas of a beautiful table that I helped to create with an amazing team of creative professionals.

Our team thought of everything for this inspiration shoot, from the starburst chargers that matched the bride’s crown to the imported cutlery, the tablescape isn’t just pretty, it’s an experience. Shades of subtle mauve and sage are complemented by pops of coral and blue, reminiscent of gilded portraits of ancient deities. A cohesive theme should immerse your guests in your wedding vision, they should be right there in the fantasy with you. Everything should tell a story and this story is ours to share with you.

With tons of light and gold elements, these photos by Brooke Bakken Photography are glowing! Wish Blossom Flowers created all of these stunning florals and each flower adds to the narrative. The Commercial Club provided the perfect backdrop for this elegant and over-the-top shoot. Read on to hear more from Betsy Barker of Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gowns who was the stylist and from Susie Young of Wish Blossom Flowers who was the floral designer who designed the beautiful florals.

“This shoot was styled around the beautiful vintage Brown Rose china pattern by Royal Copenhagen. The delicate nature of this pattern lends itself to the simple beauty of the gold starburst chargers and the brass & wood Siamese flatware. I love creating juxtaposition within a table setting to add charm and create an unexpected look. Tiny brass boxes from Jerusalem act as place card holders, as well as a small gift” – Styled by Betsy Barker of Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gowns,

“Anemones are about anticipation and the beginning of a forever. Ranunculus is charmingly attractive and makes one think of a beautiful bride. The Garden Roses complete it all because they symbolize timeless romance. Every element complements the others and every glorious blossom speaks for itself to create sublime perfection and every blossom tells a story as do all of the other elements of this winning table. – florals designed by Susie Young of Wish Blossom Flowers

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