About Us

About Us

Who Is Wish Blossom Flowers?

My name is Susie Young and I created Wish Blossom Flowers to bring beauty and joy to others. From the time I was a little girl, I was obsessed with flowers.

My mother would take me out and teach me all their names, and I soaked it up like a sponge. We would walk all over the hills of our beautiful ranch in Wyoming. I would forage wildflowers and make magical gifts for others. Then, when I was a young designer with fistfuls of dreams I saved all my money to buy flowers to dry and create.

Now as a professional floral artist, I feel as if I share a part of myself with those that I design for, capturing their ideas to create something uniquely their own. I love when a bride’s eyes glow with happiness and tears, because of the beauty of their bouquet and decor. Wishes are granted, dreams are created and memories are made. I want to be able to work with those that dream and have a vision for their special day. I love to create lush, romantic designs with movement and texture.

I have over 21 years of experience and a personally trained staff that shares a passion for flowers and color design. Services are priced to meet that goal, regardless of the size of your event. And, as all great events start with detailed planning, I invite you to meet with me for an initial consultation where we will discuss your budget, style, and vision.

The Story of Our Name

I decided to use the name Wish Blossom because of my daughter, Meilie, who used to frolic in our yard and gather dandelions. She would then say to me “Look mama this is a wish blossom!” and she would proceed to blow on the seeds and be dreaming of something wonderful. This was truly inspiring to me as a young mom, and I loved that she could dream. Dreams are possibilities for the future, and everyone needs them, especially if they are impractical, fun, or outrageous. So dream and make wishes!!

A Special Thank You

To all the photographers who provided photos of which include the works of:

Claire Marika Photography, Pepper Nix Photography, Elisha Braithwaite Photography, Grey Giraffe Photography, Emma Matheson Photography, Val Marie Photography, Tyler Rye Photography, Miranda Murdock Photography, Grey Giraffe Photography, Cassandra Farley Photography, Mikki Platt Photography, Rebecca Dahl Photography, Jadie Jo Photography, Meagan Puett Photography, Angela Marie Photography, Sadie Photography, Brooke Baaken Photography, Kenzie Victory Photography, Lolo Orji Photography, Jess Quinn Photos, Jackie Siggard Photography, Branson Maxwell Photography, Uriel Photography, Ashlyn Stott Photography, Alice Shoots People (Alice Photography), Dallin and Cienna Photography, Jess May Photography, Tiffany Burke Photography, Savanna Richardson Photography, and Maddie Liz Photography.

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Wish Blossom Flowers was created to accentuate the beauty of weddings and special events. We design custom floral arrangements and special event décor for rare occasions.



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